What is Custom Laser Cut Quilting Applique?

For hundreds of years crafting a beautiful quilt with applique has been an arduous time consuming process. Every applique design element added to a quilt was hand cut, one piece at a time. The level of detail was often limited to the cutting skill of the quilter.

Now, Westfield Laser Design is bringing quilt makers around the world pre-fused applique kits for designs they never imagined possible. We custom create ready to use applique to the specific needs of private label vendors. Now, fabric companies, fabric shops, designers, quilting instructors and creative distributors can order spectacular applique for their customers. These exacting laser cut appliques have the following benefits for customers.

Now, you can create a private label, professional looking kit of pre-fused laser cut applique pieces for any pattern you’ve created, or select from existing patterns. With the fabrics you select, we’ll create a kit that is available exclusively for your customers!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You provide the pattern and the number of kits that you’d like laser cut
  2. We provide you with a firm price and the amount of fabric required for the kits.
  3. Once we receive the fabric from you we apply SoftFuse Premium fusible
  4. We laser cut the pre-fused fabric
  5. We assemble the laser cut pieces into kits with a full color label listing your logo.

With your professional applique kits branded with your company logo, you’ll stand out from the competition as a leader. And your customers will love you for making their quilts more beautiful and easier to create than ever before.

Westfield Laser Design Company provides private label laser cut applique kits. Contact Us Now for more information and options available to you for private label custom laser cut applique kits.