Private Label Applique Production

Westfield Laser Design Company provides private label laser cut applique kits. Contact Us Now for more information and options available to you for private labeling custom laser cut applique kits.

What is a Private Label Laser Cut Kit?

Imagine an elegant looking kit of pre-fused laser cut applique pieces for a pattern that you select (or your own pattern) along with fabrics from your shop combined into one kit that is available exclusively for your customers!

How does this work?

  1. You provide the pattern and the number of kits that you’d like laser cut
  2. We provide you with a firm price and the amount of fabric required for the kits.
  3. Once we receive the fabric from you, we apply SoftFuse fusible
  4. We laser cut the pre-fused fabric
  5. We assemble the laser cut pieces into kits with a full color label listing your logo.

Services that we provide:

We are a full service laser design center offering everything you need to take your pencil drawings or patterns all the way through to finished elegant pre-fused laser cut applique kits ready to sell your customers.

Our services include:

Additional Information:

Pattern Designer Protection: At Westfield Laser Design we are very careful to respect the rights of the original pattern designers and require that your shop contact the designer before purchasing the kits to assure they do not have any problems in providing a laser cut kit for their pattern. We would be happy to package the patterns right into the laser cut kits if you wish.

Ideas for Laser Cut Kits: Our clients have found many uses for laser cut kits including both Block Of The Month and individual projects. Inexperienced quilters are able to complete kits that would normally be far above their skill level. Experience quilters appreciate the time savings in not having to cut out all the detailed pieces and being able to start sewing and embellishing their project more quickly. The result is increased sales revenue for your shop!

SoftFuse: After considerable testing we have found that SoftFuse Premium works best with laser cut applique. SoftFuse provides good adhesion of the applique piece to the background fabric while still providing a supple feel that is less stiff than other fusibles we’ve tested. SoftFuse is soft enough that you can either hand or machine sew the applique. SoftFuse will not gum up your sewing machine.